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We would love to say that great pilot careers begin at Glorious Wings, but that’s not entirely true. A pilots career begins with their own dream. We simply help realize that dream into reality. GW offers top level training, specialized expertise, and an experience that is superior to any other training facility. We work with a hands-on approach and take our commitment to student success very seriously.



To begin, you must meet our admission requirements and pass our tests in Mathematics, Logic, and English. Once granted admission you are accepted as a student and are set up for your first week of teaching. Although you’re accepted as a student, we treat you like a 'Captain' from day one and hold all of our students to a standard of excellence.


From day 1 of your two years of training with us, your 'Career Flight Plan' is permeated by one ambition: to become as professional and skilled a pilot as possible who will ultimately become a highly preferred candidate for a major airline. With this notion as our premise, we treat our students as if they are already professional aviators from their start. This develops the positive attitudes and respect for our discipline that is necessary for you to become “airline-ready” when you successfully exit our program.

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With our help you will gain the EASA Commercial Pilot License (CPL) coupled with Instrument Rating (IR) and Multi Engine (ME). Additionally you will gain your Airline Transport Pilot License Theory (ATPL theory) and Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC). The duration from zero to Frozen ATPL is approximately 18 months.


If you’re looking for a career as a commercial airline pilot, this approach still allows you to go from Zero to Frozen ATPL, but enables you to set the pace. This is a popular choice for students who want to alternate between training and part- or full-time employment. You can choose to enroll on individual courses, such as the Private Pilot’s License (PPL) or ATPL Theory, (subject to meeting course entry requirements).

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According the EASA regulations basically all ICAO license and Ratings can be converted in EASA licenses and EASA Rating. There are special requirements for the different licenses and ratings.
License conversion is a very bespoke, client specific work and needs a lot of attention, but we can find the best and quickest ways to convert Licenses.


SIM Sessions are perfect for candidates or pilots who are waiting for their airline SIM check assessment, proficiency check, and line check. The experience is guided by line training captains of major airlines and is a great way to gain insight into industry success.

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Our airline employment assistance prepares students for the most critical stage of their career: the interview. In this program, we prepare our future pilots for their professional interview and provide tips & strategies to succeed.

For more information on this service Click here.


GLORIOUS WINGS offers workshops designed for aviation beginners and professionals. We have a variety of continuing education workshops aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of both beginners and professionals. The workshops are offered both online or in public classroom formats at our facility.



Distance learning courses are a theoretical course which cover and validate the theoretical part of CPL and IR. This course can be started at any time, since it is an online learning program and covers all of the official highlights. This course is ideal for students who are already employed or not available full time.


This course is designed for students already going through the theoretical part of the PPL/ATPL program or Distance Learning program. It is aimed at students who want to freshen up their theoretical knowledge for a better insight. For a full list of courses Click here.


Glorious Wings offers full and part time training routes, with actual career results. This means you get to identify how you would like to execute your training based on your requirements to achieve your aviation goals.

Please see our detailed course section to learn more or contact us to discuss your aviation educational needs with our professionals.

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